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What makes me a qualified leader?

First thing's first, It's very important to choose the right mentor and leader before joining a direct sales business. I have spent years learning about being a successful team leader, superstar recruiter, and smart business owner. I love sharing the knowledge I've acquired from my experience, workshops, and research with my Scentsy family through videos, blogs, and individual convos.

Above and beyond Scentsy, I'm a mental health counselor. I have a passion for helping, listening, and encouraging. I support each team member with their unique needs and goals in mind. I also believe that giving recognition and rewarding success is so important! Click here to know more about my story!

Share the Scentsy love in person - at home, at your favorite cofee shop or in the breakroom at work! I even set up in my driveway on beautiful days!  

You will love posting about your Scentsy adventures on social media because Scentsy has high-tech tools to help us successfully reach friends and customers! Bonus: your website is free for the first 3 months!

You're probably thinking you don't know where to start with building a team. Trust me, I was nervous too! You will quickly learn that with our support and with Scentsy's tools, you WILL successfully grow a team, a Scentsy family!

Be YOU and find lifelong friendships! We are Team #AdventureAwaits and if our team name doesn't make you want to join, I'll be shocked!

Scentsy finds any excuse to party so we get to earn multiple trips every year! We also get incredible recognition for our hard work! 

The coolest thing about Scentsy is that you can earn extra income on your own schedule! The bonuses are also a nice... well, bonus! 

Joining FAQs

What does it mean to be a consultant?

As a Scentsy Independent Consultant, you are an independent business owner authorized to sell Scentsy products for a commission. You have the freedom to control when and where you work your business, and can increase your commission by selling more product or earning residual income from friends and family you’ve recruited to join your team.

So how do I go about joining this awesome family?

Glad you asked! Just click on Dream Job Button bellow and follow the enrollment steps that pop up. Please note that you will need a debit or credit card to pay for your Starter Kit.

How much does the Starter Kit cost and what comes in it?

The Starter Kit only costs $99US/$115CA and it is worth double! It includes everything you need to start your Scentsy business: a best-selling Warmer, more than 80 scented wax testers, catalogs, order forms, three months of your own PWS, product samples and more. (Contents may vary.)

What are the requirements for joining?

You have to be 18 or over at the time of enrollment. Of course, you have to also be a legal resident of the country where you want to enroll and have a valid Personal Identification Number (like a Social Security number or Social Insurance number). And that's it!

How much do I have to sell as a consultant?

Scentsy Consultants must generate sales resulting in 200+ PRV in at least one month within any contiguous three-month period. The 200 points in PRV can come from individual customer orders, party orders or online orders made through your Personal Website (PWS). Example: place a total of 200PRV in orders in May and you won't have place another order until August! Easy Peasy! What is PRV you ask? I figured you'd want to know so here's the explanation: Personal Retail Volume (PRV) is the point value of commissionable products you sell. PRV is a global point system convertible to local currency using a price/earnings to growth ratio (PEG rate).

How do I sell this heavenly product?

Scentsy is built off the party plan. You can hold in-home parties, basket parties, open houses or online parties, and you may also take orders through your Personal Website.Oh and look, it's a puppy, because... puppies! Meet Steve, the newest addition to our family!

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