4 Easy Ways to Remove Wax from your Scentsy Warmer

You bought yourself a beautiful, high-quality warmer from Scentsy. You just couldn't wait to pop open the scent bar and plop in a couple cubes, no judgment if you put five!

Your space smells much better than it did before that wax started warming. I have two large dogs, a baby and a husband who plays hockey... I totally relate with you on needing our space to smell good all the time!

So fast forward through the week and you start to notice that the scent has faded and it's time to dump out the wax to place a new, fresh scent. Either your warmer is on and the wax is already melted or your warmer has been off and the wax is hard, you really want to change it up to enjoy more Scentsy!

So here are 4 easy ways to change your wax without the mess.

1. Cotton Clean Ups

This method is by far my favorite to clean wax out of your warmer while the wax is completely melted! When you're ready to change out your fragrance, place one Cotton Cleanup pad in the melted wax. Within seconds, the cotton will absorb the wax. The best part is that this method is recommended for all warmers! Each pad can absorb up to four melted Scentsy Bar cubes. Want to try one before purchasing? Contact me here so I can mail you a sample Cotton Clean Up (be sure to include that you want a free cotton clean up in the comment section so I can prioritize your request)!

2. Freezer

Take the dish of wax and place it in the freezer to harden the wax. This can be done while the wax is still melted or slightly hard but not enough to scoop out. Give it about 30 seconds to a minute then take the dish out of the freezer. You will easily be able to plop out the wax in one piece! Please note that this method is not recommended for mini warmers.

3. Scoop out with a spatula/butter knife

Turn off your warmer and let your wax sit for a minute or two until it's hard. You can tell by touching the wax with your finger: if a small indent is left on the wax and your finger didn't dip right through it then you are good to go, my friend! Simply grab a spatula/butter knife and run it along the edge of the dish to detach the wax from the walls. The entire layer of wax will come right out. A complimentary Scentsy-branded spatulas is exclusively available by request! Want one? Simply contact me here so I can mail you a free spatula (be sure to include that you want a free saptula in the comment section so I can prioritize your request)!

4. Pour it out

If you're impatient like me, you can carefully grab the dish from the warmer while the wax is melted and pour the wax into the garbage or an empty Scentsy clam shell. Please don't pour it in your drain because wax hardens in drains!!!! This method is best for warmers with dishes and is not recommended for any other type of warmer.

Bonus Tip #1: Does your dish have residue left behind after removing the wax? It's most likely because the same wax was left warming in your dish for a very long time! Don't worry, I'm guilty of this too. The residue doesn't affect the quality of your fragrance experience but if you'd like to remove the film, simply spray some Scentsy Counter Clean in the dish, let it sit for one minute and wipe it out with a magic eraser or good quality paper towel.

Bonus tip #2: Don't want to deal with wax? Try our amazing waxless pod systems: Wall Fan Diffusers , Mini Fan Diffusers and Scentsy Go!

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Nissa Rinaldi, Independent Scentsy Star Director

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