Stinky Pets? Practice Safe Scents!

Unless you own a pet, you may not understand the value and benefits of caring for a little critter. Man’s best friend or the purr-fect, four- legged buddy can provide companionship, entertainment and even exercise. And studies have shown pet owners are less stressed. Buuuut everyone knows the pet odors that come standard with the deal. I never knew having two dogs would be so stinky!

Yes they are cute but don't underestimate their stench! Even Steve seems to agree, just look at that stink face! ha!

Enter Scentsy, a wickless alternative to candles and a scent solution safe for pets (and kids, too). If you’ve tried odor eliminator candles and other pet odor removal techniques without success, you will love Scentsy. We have a full line of scented products like room sprays and laundry products to our flagship product: Scentsy warmers that slowly warm specifically formulated scent bars in over 80 Scentsy scents.

You're probably wondering how Scentsy is safe for pets, right?

Well just like Scentsy is safe for children, Scentsy is safe for pets!

The wax melts at a low temperature and doesn’t get too hot to the touch. So, if Fido knocks a Scentsy warmer over, your pet will not get burned! Trust me, my pup dipped her tail in Scentsy wax once and didn't even flinch!

Scentsy warmers feature a low-watt light bulb and NO OPEN FLAMES! You can imagine the safety hazards and dangers of an animal knocking over a candle! YIKES!!

In case you haven't noticed, I'm all about safety. With that being said, I leave the house without turning off any of my Scentsy warmers, ever!! That's right, I confidently keep them on 24/7! There has never been a fire caused by our products. It’s just like leaving a lamp on ... But can’t say the same about candles! So go ahead and display your favorite pet-friendly warmer and not only will your home smell fantastic, I like to think your pets will enjoy it, too.

By the way, I'd recommend our I Heart Dogs and I Heart Cats warmers!

Bonus Tip:

Your cat rubs up against the warmer and knocks the top right off. Again, the warmer should not get hot enough to burn. After a bit of a wax cleanup, you will be back to business as normal without ever having to deal with hot wax, burns or open flames.

So worst case scenario? The fallen Scentsy warmer dish has broken. All is not lost! You may purchase Scentsy replacement parts, including a warmer dish topper here!

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